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Obama Stands Up for In-Home Care

President Obama Stands Up for In-Home Care

Today marked a monumental achievement for in-home caregivers throughout the country as President Obama outlined his proposed changes to the FSLA (Fair Standards Labor Act). The proposed changes would provide federal wage and overtime protections to nearly 2 million in-home caregivers.

Surrounded by in-home caregivers, President Obama held a White House press conference this morning (December 15, 2011) that addressed the significance of long-term care to America’s future and emphasized fair treatment for the country’s in-home caregivers. His speech was the 18th initiative of his “We Can’t Wait” Campaign and fulfilled a commitment he made to support in-home care in 2007 as an Illinois Senator when he participated in the “Walk A Day In Our Shoes” Campaign with Oakland in-home caregiver Pauline Beck.

To learn more about Obama’s day with Pauline click here.

To read Obama’s Speech click here.

To view the proposed changes click here.

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